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Latest union reps meeting 10 September 2006

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A note from Jeremy Dear, general secretary, Paul McLaughlin, national broadcasting organiser and John Barsby, chair of the Broadcasting Industrial Council:

Your union reps met on Friday 1 September and passed the enclosed resolution in response to the recent consultative ballot over pay and pensions and following discussions with other unions.

It is clear there remains a great deal of anger about proposed plans by the BBC to increase the retirement age and increase member contributions to the pension scheme beyond what is currently allowed for in the rules. Through the strong stand we have taken so far we have been able to force the BBC to delay such plans. Over the coming months we will be campaigning vigorously against attempts to introduce them next year.

This is the motion we passed:

This M/FoCs meeting reaffirms its condemnation of the BBC’s derisory pay offer and proposals to adversely change the pension scheme.

This M/FoCs meeting notes the result of the consultative ballot rejecting the BBC’s proposals and welcomes the pension’s concessions achieved so far through the strong stand taken by the NUJ Chapels.

This M/FoCs meeting agrees to build on this and launch an immediate, active and high-profile campaign against plans to close the final salary pension scheme to new entrants, increase the retirement age, and to increase pension contributions beyond 7.5%, the maximum currently allowable under the rules.

Such a campaign should seek to educate and build confidence among members to oppose the proposed pension changes and work jointly with BECTU/Amicus/MU towards a ballot at the appropriate stage to fight against unacceptable pension changes.

And the joint unions’ statement following the NJC meeting:

1. The joint unions are disappointed that the BBC’s pay award for 2006, implemented in August, is below the current inflation rate.  We do not believe that this position is acceptable.

2. This below-inflation pay rise needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity with the submission of a substantial pay claim for 2007 before the BBC finalises its budgets for the year.  The unions are willing to accept the Director General’s invitation to participate in detailed discussion of the BBC’s budget plans.

3. The 2007 claim will be submitted soon after the formula for the BBC licence fee is announced by government, and the joint unions will specify a deadline of no later than May 31 2007 for a final offer to be tabled by the BBC.

4. Amicus, BECTU, and NUJ, re-affirm their opposition to the introduction of a career-average pension scheme for new staff from November 2006.

5. The unions are also opposed to any increase in pensionable retirement age for members of the final-salary pension scheme, and to any increase in staff contributions beyond the 6% rate introduced on September 1 2006.

6. The unions would expect to enter into discussions about pension provision once the outcome of the 2007 statutory valuation is known.



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