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NUJ to tell TUC – Journalism Matters 11 September 2006

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Latest from HQ:

This week the NUJ will bring its national Journalism Matters campaign before the TUC with a motion that highlights the crucial role of the media in defending democracy and the danger to the profession from savage cuts in jobs and budgets.

Motion 52 will inform delegates across the trade union movement of the crisis facing our industry and ask for their support in defending it against the attack on the press and broadcasting from corporations that are more interested in shareholder dividends than quality journalism. (See below for full text of Motion.)

NUJ General Secretary said: “We want our colleagues in the trade union movement to know exactly what is going on in the media and that quality journalism matters not only to journalists but to everybody in our society who cares about democratic debate and holding the powerful to account.

“We are asking the TUC to support our demand that the government investigate regional monopolies in the local newspaper industry and the failure of Ofcom to maintain and strengthen public service broadcasting.”

Delegates will vote on the motion, which is seconded by Amicus, on Wednesday (13) afternoon.

Journalism Matters – TUC Motion

This Congress welcomes the launch of the NUJ’s Journalism Matters campaign which aims to highlight the important role journalism can play in promoting democratic participation in local communities and across the UK.

Congress condemns the actions of those media and publishing companies who are axing frontline newsgathering and specialist reporters, closing editions, reducing news pages, marginalizing public service programmes and cutting editorial budgets whilst posting record profits and increased shareholder dividends.

Congress believes the result of such cuts is to reduce local and specialist media coverage, leading to a detrimental effect on local communities, public knowledge and democratic participation.

Congress calls on the Government to investigate the operation of regional monopolies in the local newspaper industry which act against the citizens’ interest, and the failure of OFCOM to maintain and strengthen public service broadcasting across the ITV regions.

Congress urges affiliates to back local Journalism Matters initiatives with the aim of pressuring local media to invest in and promote rather than cut back newsgathering resources.

Congress believes the Government should consider urgent action to promote greater plurality in media as a step towards encouraging greater democratic participation.



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