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Ballots at the BBC 29 October 2006

Posted by nujbbclondon in action.

Two areas at the BBC are currently balloting for industrial action.

NUJ members at BBC Worldwide are balloting to reject the BBC’s below inflation pay offer this year. Because Worldwide is a separate company, members took their own decision to ballot.

Bectu members in NPF (News Production Facilities) are balloting after management tore up the conditions of service they have been working to for years and replaced their long standing rota with one that will have them working shifts of varying length and subject to drastic changes. This follows job cuts in several areas.

Why should you care?

Worldwide are balloting on the salary cut that most of were forced to accept this year. A successful action from Worldwide opposing pay cuts by the backdoor will help us all next year when the BBC is expected to propose another below-inflation pay settlement.

NPF are the people who keep news on air. They service our radio and TV studios, bring our news in through SCAR, attempt to keep Jupiter functioning and may take over News Interactive CTA. If these areas are eroded, all our jobs will become more difficult and our news will start falling off air.

If management succeed in tearing up their conditions of service and bringing in a shocking rota then how you can be sure managers in your area will not try something similar?

What happens next?

We’ll hear the results of these two ballots next month and will let you know what members decide and will get in touch about how you can support their action.



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