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Where possible, contact your workplace reps first with any issues or questions.
Numbers are also listed below for branch officers and full-time NUJ officials.

:::::::::: BBC London chapel reps ::::::::::

Overnight health and safety: First point of contact for people on night shifts, both at TVC and Bush House.
Fergal Parkinson: fergal.parkinson@bbc.co.uk

BBC Asian Network: Three city Chapel – with sections in London, Leicester and Birmingham.
Philip Churm: philip.churm@bbc.co.uk

BBC DEC: For drama, entertainment and childrens’ programmes.
Pierre Vicary, acting FoC: pierre.vicary@bbc.co.uk

BBC Media Centre: This chapel includes Ariel, Press and PR, Programme Complaints Unit and journalists involved with “Making it Happen”.
Pierre Vicary: pierre.vicary@bbc.co.uk

BBC Sport:
Charlotte Nicol
, acting MoC: charlotte.nicol@bbc.co.uk

BBC Training:
Ray Alexander:

BBC World:
Tom Butler:
Iain Bruce: iain.bruce@bbc.co.uk
Jim Kennedy: jim.kennedy@bbc.co.uk

Broadcasting House:
Pierre Vicary:

R&M: (BH and Western House)
Pierre Vicary: pierre.vicary@bbc.co.uk

BBC London: (Marylebone High Street)
Paul Curran: paul.curran@bbc.co.uk

Tessa Duggleby:

Newsgathering: Including radio and TV reporters.
Ian Pollock: ian.pollock@bbc.co.uk

News Interactive:
Tory Blair, joint MoC: tory.blair@bbc.co.uk
Patrick Jackson, joint FoC: patrick.jackson@bbc.co.uk

News 24:
Nick Serpell:

Radio Newsroom: (Newsroom)
Jon Holden, joint FoC: jon.holden@bbc.co.uk
Lesley Taylor, joint MoC: lesley.taylor@bbc.co.uk

Radio 4 sequence programmes: (Today, WATO, World Tonight, TW2, BH)
Andrew Hosken

Radio News: (5 Live)
David Lennon: david.lennon@bbc.co.uk

TV News: All TV NUJ members belong to this chapel.
Philip Hendry: philip.hendry@bbc.co.uk

Other TV local reps:
Roxanne Panthaki, breakfast rep: roxanne.panthaki@bbc.co.uk
Paul Mason, Newsnight rep: paul.mason@bbc.co.uk

White City:
Jonathan Brunert jonathan.brunert@bbc.co.uk
Vivian White, deputy FoC: vivian.white@bbc.co.uk

Jeremy Aspinall, FoC: jeremy.aspinall.01@bbc.co.uk
Sue Oates, deputy MoC: sue.oates@bbc.co.uk

Yalding House: For members working for Newsbeat and One Xtra.
Pierre Vicary, acting FoC: pierre.vicary@bbc.co.uk

:::::::::: BBC World Service chapels ::::::::::

Bush News: (WS)
Attila Kulcsar:

Caversham: (Monitoring)
Saeed Barzin:

Factual and Learning: (Bush House)
Colin Grant: colin.grant@bbc.co.uk

World Service:
Abubakarkabir Matazu:

:::::::::: BBC London branches ::::::::::

• BBC London:
Paula Dear
, co-chair: paula.dear@bbc.co.uk
Tel: 07743 539050
Ian Pollock, co-chair: ian.pollock@bbc.co.uk 
Jon Holden, secretary/treasurer: jon.holden@bbc.co.uk

BBC World Service:
Javier Farje
, chair: javier.farje@bbc.co.uk
Michael Way, secretary: mway@onetel.net.uk

:::::::::: NUJ officials ::::::::::

• NUJ Headquarters: The NUJ Head Office is in King’s Cross, central London. All the union’s UK national and international work is done here, together with all the organisational work for members in southern England.
Headland House
308-312 Gray’s Inn Road
020 7278 7916

• Paul McLaughlin, full-time paid official for broadcasting: paulm@nuj.org.uk
NUJ Broadcasting office: 020 7843 3726

• Pierre Vicary,
full-time lay official for the BBC:
BBC NUJ office: 020 7557 1197
Mobile: 07803 726476



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